Castor Oil For Skin: Getting Rid of Acne and Dry Skin

Using castor oil for skin can be extremely beneficial when it comes to improving its texture or curing skin ailments. Although essential oils and emollients have long been advertised as skin food and moisturizers, castor oil hasn’t gained as much popularity as other types of essential oils. However, the unsung benefits of castor oil for face and skin are definitely worth discovering.

Castor oil skin treatnment

Castor Oil Skin Benefits:

  • Castor oil is a wonderful remedy for various skin problems. It is effective in fighting a host of skin diseases such as acne, and it is useful for the treatment of dry skin and even for moles.
  • Castor Oil For Skin Diseases – Castor oil contains an unsaturated fatty acid called ricinoleic acid. This acid is packed with antimicrobial properties, effectively fighting off harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause unsightly skin diseases. Because of these antimicrobial properties, microbes are driven away causing a domino effect of lessened inflammation, itching and skin irritation. Castor oil is a potent antimicrobial agent, that it is capable for treating skin diseases such as ringworms, and infection in the toes and fingers.
  • Castor Oil For Acne – Acne is a common skin problem that is caused by pus forming bacteria that clog up the pores. Again, the ricinoleic acid in castor oil fights off acne forming bacteria, lessening the occurrence of acne. Without bacteria, inflammation reaction and redness is eliminated.
  • Castor Oil For Wrinkles– Aside from its wonderful antimicrobial action, castor oil is filled with antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight elements called free radicals. These are unpaired atoms that can cause damage to the skin promoting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With the presence of antioxidants, wrinkles are lessened significantly, leading to a younger looking and healthy skin.
  • Castor Oil For Dry Skin – Fatty acids within castor oil acts as a natural emollient, moisturizing the skin in a chemical free way. Being a humectant, castor oil is effective in keeping moisture within the cells, lessening dry skin.
  • Castor Oil for Skin Moles – Moles are skin abnormalities that can be termed as a dark spot. Moles occur anywhere on the skin and are generally brown in color. Some moles can be wide in diameter and can be disturbing for some people especially when they are on the face. Surgical methods are most often used for removing skin moles, but a less expensive and natural method is by using castor oil and baking soda. A paste is made by mixing a pinch of baking soda to a small amount of castor oil. Apply the paste on the skin mole and let it remain overnight. Repeat the process everyday to get rid of skin moles.

Castor Oil For Skin: Application

Castor oil can be used as a moisturizer by massaging the oil on the body and taking a warm bath afterwards. Castor oil can be thick and difficult to spread, and it is also greasy and hard to wash off. To efficiently wash off all the oil, use a loofah to exfoliate the grease and dead skin cells as well. Using the oil during winter is also beneficial because it helps prevent the skin from drying up and getting white patches.
People suffering from cracked heels can also benefit from castor oil. Massage the oil onto the affected area and soak the feet in hot water for as long as possible. The oil will soften the cracks on the feet and will remove the calluses to reveal healthy and baby-like feet.
Castor oil is an effective remedy for dry skin as well as skin ailments. The best thing about using castor oil for skin is the fact that it is all natural and free from harmful chemicals that may be present in other skin treatments.

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